INBTW are works created during one month residency at Óbvia association in Setubal, Portugal.

INBTW is an abbreviation of “in between” - a stage or place situated somewhere between

two extremes or categories. Neither good or bad, not unconscious, but not fully aware.

This works are a story about numbness and anxiety of modern word full of many stimulus, information and possibilities,  but also a form of fascination by it: by it modern minimalism, architecture, visual language and urban spaces. Aspiration of being individualistic and different have no right of existence in the masses but ON the other HAND terrifying loneliness in a world of consuming not only goods but feelings and emotions also, drag us into considering ourselves as unique, isolated and sensitive beings. It is internal conflict between, part of global society and  being individuality. INBTW is presenting this struggle from position of artist and uses visual art with support of semiotics.


In Theory of Signs by Charles Sanders Peirce, the sign within it ways of expressing is in between an object itself and a meaning. But what if we take away the object and  modify the way of expression so the sign will exist itself? Does it still have the same meaning or it represent something new? Or does it is just a puzzle without no meaning, a noise without no purpose. INBTW is  displacing and reversing creation processes and purposes of different medium and technique because the main focus are those forms, movements, signs themselves. The gesture of the artists, characteristic style is being cast off for creating a representation of basic shape which are a line/ border/pattern/sign -  from a spectrum of values they becomes the frontier of the artwork. It is a stage before moving forward or stepping back a hommage to being neither there or here.

INBTW are works created during one month residency at Óbvia association in Setubal, Portugal.