Mnemosyne is a form of personal visual collection of places/ spaces created with film portable cameras .

title “mnemosyne” links to the last project of the German Jewish “cultural scientist” Aby M. Warburg  "the Mnemosyne Atlas" is an unfinished attempt to map the pathways that give art history and cosmography their pathos-laden meanings. Warburg thought this visual, metaphoric encyclopedia, with its constellation of symbolic images, would animate the viewer’s memory, imagination, and understanding of what he called “the afterlife of antiquity”. 

In this  on -going project i am creating an personal atlas of places that I am passing by, usually alone confronting those empty spaces within their melancholy and only a signs of human existence.  Mnemosyne is exposing fleetingness and fear of it. Use of portable film cameras and black&white films aggrandize connection of those moments to the past.